ISEI Education Symposium 

April 17-20, 2024

 Symposium Presentations

Adrian Petre - Adventist Education for the next Thousand Years

Dr. Dana Philossaint - Breaking the Mental Health Cycle

Dr. Dana Philossaint - Understanding the Thought After Trauma

Dr. Dana and Frantz Philossaint - Self Value and Confidence

Doug Baker - Education, the Mind, and the Three Angels

Dr. Geanina Petre - Teaching as Jesus Taught 

Iulian Condrache - Working the Soil and Character Development

Dr. Loredana Catrinescu - Screen Time and Mental Health

Dr. Loredana Catrinescu - Screen Exposure and Academics

Dr. Marius Munteanu - Refreshing Landmarks

Steve Dickman - In Light of Eternity / The Value of One

Steve Dickman - Devotional 1

Steve Dickman - Devotional 2